Zayka Food Bar Leeds

  • Delivery time 45 min
  • Halal

Menu Zayka Food Bar

Missing some tasty Bangladeshi food? Here comes the Zayka Food Bar Leeds that serves really good Bangladeshi cuisine which is definitely worth eating. We provide the most authentic Bangladeshi takeaway at Leeds. From start to end, every dish in our menu has fresh ingredients and are all delicious to eat. Starting with the vegetable starters, the Onion bhaji, Spring rolls and the Samosas are all included along with a lot more starters like The famous Garlic mushroom and the Aloo chaat. The starters are not limited here and further includes the non vegetarian starters having the Meat Samosas, the Chicken Tikka starter and the Royal mixed kebabs which is basically a mixture of Chicken Tikka and chicken Kebabs. The Tandoori Chicken and the Garlic King Prawn are absolutely mouth watering and once you have these, you will never forget its rich and fruitful taste and textures. The Shashlik King Prawns are a specialty in itself with prawns, tomatoes, peppers and onions all barbequed in the Tandoori to give it a smoky flavor. The Chef’s special section in our diverse menu include the Chicken Spinach balti, the Chicken mushroom handi, the Kalijee masala and the Chef’s special itself which is a platter of meat, chicken, mushrooms and prawns all cooked together with herbs and spices. The Handi dishes, Palak dishes and the Shatkora dishes too are a very important part of our menu and are liked by one and all. The Biryanis and Naans are the most popular dishes of our menu and the fast foods too work really well with Chicken burgers, Chicken nuggets and chips.

About Zayka Food Bar

Our Bangladeshi takeaway will take you on a wonderful food tour which will be a lifelong cherishing tour you will want to do again and again. All are dishes are great and are doing really good in terms of impressing our customers. Everyone who comes to eat here returns happy and satisfied. The quality of all the ingredients we use are always top notch and we assure that the food is really healthy along with being tasty. Our Bangladeshi takeaway is always served really quick and hot and nobody has to wait. With our app, customers can place orders online. The app is available on both the Google Store and the App store.


Restaurant location Zayka Food Bar

Anyone can come down to 75 Spen Lane, Leeds, LS16 5EL and enjoy our tasty food anytime. Our app is one of the most handy and easiest apps to use and you can easily order for pickups as well as for home deliveries. All the customers have to do is to download it either from the App store or the Google store. Be it finger licking food or efficient services, we are at the forefront of giving our best and keep the customers happy as that is our priority always. The whole team of Zayka Food Bar Leeds always work hard to serve one of the most tastiest foods one has ever tasted.

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